Communication Agency

Communication Agency

Just as countless details have to be taken into account before setting sail, the communication management of a company also encompasses many aspects. Defining a communication strategy is not done in a day. Success is achieved after analysing many details and making decisions that have a direct impact on the image you want for your company.

Press Office

Press Office

We plan a complete media agenda and from it we draft press releases, press releases and press calls, organise press conferences and manage everything related to your company's relationship with the media.

Media presence and dissemination management

Media presence and dissemination management

Not only is it important to select the right message to communicate, but it is also essential to know how to decide when to launch each press release or note in order to achieve maximum impact. After years of experience in dealing with journalists, we have a large number of contacts in all media, which allows us to get your messages across effectively.

Planning and strategy of the media schedule

Planning and strategy of the media schedule

If a ball rolls, society goes crazy. That's why sailing is not often given the space it deserves. However, we are able to make them see that although sailing doesn't win Champions League or Grand Slams, it must have its place in the headlines. We select the media that are most interested in your information, segmenting it according to your objectives and thus optimising your media presence.

Reach and impact analysis

Reach and impact analysis

Do you know what clipping is? If you ask us, we will prepare a report that combines the data generated on the publications and the media impact of your communication actions.

Spokespersons consultancy

Spokespersons consultancy

When it comes to getting a message across to society, the first thing to bear in mind is that everything communicates! Dress, gestures, tone of voice, look, smile, sentence length, silences and the words you choose. At Nautimedia Comunicación, we help you with all this and more so that you can control not only what you communicate, but also how your audience will receive it.

“To work with Carlos Hellín and his team has always been a total success. A very creative team, with detailed work and really professional and experts in the nautical world. A very good crew.”

CHEMA SANS - Palma International Boat Show

“A very reliable company. They understand the needs of the client and they do their best to ensure that the final product is not only of high quality but also surprising. A pleasure to work with.”


"We have worked with RECBLAU audiovisual on several superyacht refit projects. I have always been impressed with their attention to detail and creative production. I would be happy to recommend their services to anyone looking for an excellent audio visual presentation."


“Our experience with the team of Nautimedia could not be better, a team commited to its work, making it easy for any project, with great empathy and knowledgement of the nautical recreational sector. A great collaborating partner with who to follow a good bow.”


CARMEN HERRERO - ANEN, Asoc.Nac.Empresas Náuticas

“From 21 boats we would like to point out the professionality and the service that they have offered. Dedication, vocation and transparency make working with Nautimedia easier, fun and rewarding.”


“The professionalism demonstrated and the human and personalised treatment is always great. They are really good.”

JOSÉ RUA - Metalnox

“It is a great pleasure to work with Nautimedia. They listen, they propose and perfectly capture the exhibition you make and translate it with seriousness and precision.”

ALFREDO FUSTER - ADN Asoc. Navegantes Mediterráneo

“Our experience with Nautimedia when dealing with the audiovisual documentary production of our association was perfect. From the very first meeting they kept up with the agreed work pace of the project to present an amazing piece on the agreed date. A company that offers security and guarantees, without a doubt, a success.”

DIANE FRANKLIN - AEGY As.Española de Grandes Yates

“Linked to the nautical industry for many years, their services have always been a good support for our projects. They offer experience and professionalism.”


“After many years of professional relationship I can assure you that this is a team with good ideas and very resolute. I feel I am in good hands.”

JAUME VAQUER - AENIB As. Empresas Náuticas de Baleares

"It is a real pleasure to work with Nautimedia. A great team of professionals with an unbeatable human touch. Always available and with the best attitude when faced with challenges."

VELISLAVA ILIEVA - Astilleros de Mallorca

“We are talking about a very professional team that comes up with great ideas and offers a great capacity to adapt to any project. We are very happy with their work.”

MARTA VAQUER - Jaume Vermell Nàutica

"Working with them is a safe bet, as they are not only great audiovisual and communication professionals, but they also know and support the needs of the sector".

NANI MAS - Balearic Yacht Destination

"From the management of a yacht club we pay a lot of attention to details and areas that set our agenda.  Thanks to nautimedia our members and users know first hand and in detail what is being done on a daily basis".

MICAELA ADROVER - Club Nàutic Sa Ràpita

"In my years of experience in the sector, I have come across many challenges, such as adapting to new communication channels. Thanks to Nautimedia's work and advice, this task is now sailing on its own".


"We have been working with nautimedia since 2021 and the communication and visibility of the club has never been so good. Before, the media hardly showed any interest in our activities and now our impact is unbeatable".

MIKI BOVER - Club Nàutic Sa Ràpita

“We have worked with Recblau on several occasions to create videos for our brands and the experience has always been very good. I would highlight the quality, creativity, good understanding and predisposition of the whole team, which are the keys to achieving a good result!”

ANA SÁNCHEZ - B&G (Navico)

"I have been working with RECBLAU for years, and the experience has always been excellent. They are very good professionals, they know the nautical world very well, and they know how to transmit the importance and the charm of our industry like no one else".

MARTA IGLESIAS - Balearic Yacht Asociation